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Wood Furniture Design

Furniture designing is a specialized field that brings together beauty and function. The design speaks volumes not just about how the furniture adds to the environment in the fashionable way but the diverse ways the same piece can be used.

The interior space is defined and described by the furniture that occupies it. The design of the furniture makes an enormous impact on the first impression created.

It is a well-known fact that every piece of furniture adds to both the look and the functionality aspect. The personality and the style of the home and office owner is reflected in the way the space has been styled and designed.

It is a very good way to win the hearts of the guests. When they are comfortable in your setting, the rest of the transaction can be very smooth as well.

There are several types of interior designs in a setting.

It is vital to extend the theme of the home to the kinds of furniture bought.

That is what completes the effect.

The design is said to be wholesome when all the items of the room blend in and work together.

The thematic inspiration comes from being able to study and identify the style of every item in the given space.

Mix and match

While mix and match themes are very hard to pull, they are indeed breathtaking. Elements from assorted designs are brought together in a single space to bring about a fresh look.

This means a couch could be from one era, while the dressing table and the king-sized bed from another. There could be a wooden coat stand in the corner while an ornamental bird cage could be placed in the verandah.

The trick is in making sure that none of the items stand out else the wholesome look would be lost.

Mid-century modern

This is a very inclusive design that is sophisticated and clean to look at. This is a very popular theme that originated in the 1950s and ‘60s.

As the name suggests, this theme is extremely positive and warm. The atmosphere of the beach and the sand is brought into the home with the help of the right colours such as that of the sand. Blue is the primary accent colour that is added in a very subtle way. Unfinished wood is a very good example of the material used in this atmosphere


Who would not like some time alone in the farm or in the woods for that matter? Traditional elements are brought in so that the aesthetic sense of the farmhouse can be created flawlessly. Add in some dried lavender bunches to the furniture, and you are transported to the French Provence.



Modern Urban

This is the prevalent theme of the metropolitan cities. The cosmopolitan environment of the busy inhabitants of the house has a very special look and feel to it.

This is a fusion of various themes, not very unlike from the mix and match ones.

The atmosphere is minimalist at the same time chic and glamourous. The designs are experimental which is what gives the edge to the whole place.

The accents are very world-inspired. The inhabitants could be travelers who pick up styles and touches of the places visited and kept as souvenirs.

It could be a rug from Morocco or a minimalist coffee table from the Yore. the decor that is mild gold or copper is the most popular theme.

Chic yet shabby

This is like a modern art theme. The combination of simple items from a flea market and designer furniture from a fancy store is what this kind of environment is made up of. There is a gentle balance created to ensure comfort in the room.

Vibrant colours and furniture that shows sign of wear and tear may not be the blend many look for but it is a different feel altogether. Pick the designer look that will most represent you and you have built yourself a home. That is the main goal of designing.

Liberate the mind and create your home using experimental angles. There is nothing like an ancient home with a modern touch.